Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chanel Wannabe Collexion Fun Lifestyle Photoshoot

Just a couple of days ago we had our photoshoot at the Marikina Shoe Museum.  I chose the location because of the granite walls of the granary building of the Shoe Museum & the cobblestones. Thought it would be an interesting contrast to the colors of our Jac&Jam’s Chanel Wannabe Collection.

I called it as Chanel Wannabe because it is not a knock-off from The Chanel. Our designs are totally original, it is only the accessories that are not, hence the name for the collection – Chanel Wannabe, no pun intended. 

The accessory is actually available at a couple of shoe supply stores in Marikina, so I thought “Why not?”. 

This collection turned out to be one of our best sellers, since it is totally affordable & classy with softly padded insoles so it's really comfy.

This collection comprises of a toe strap sandal, a thong, a double strap & a slide strap. 

All styles has its own sophistication to it. 

It is great for a casual day out, but can easily be worn with dressy outfits, too! 

Choosing which style is your fave & what color is not easy.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Rope Collection: Our Beach-Ready H2 Low Wedge Sandals

As an enterprising designer, I plan my product lines well & our Summer Resort Wear sandals collection were done as early as December 2014. December is actually a busy month not just for sales but as well as for product developments for the 2nd & 3rd quarter of the following year.

So, our summer collections for 2015 are all set for the coming months of poolside & beach OOTD’s. 

We love ForeverSummer at Jac&Jam, which is why this Rope Collection is a true ode to this fact. With braided Abaca uppers & super comfy footbed, the result is a sophisticated summer resort wear that you can use not just at the beach or pool, but just about anywhere.

Glam up your bikinis, shorts & dresses with these H2 low wedge Abaca casual sandals. 

Wear it from day to night. Curl your toes with white sand & slip into your Jac&Jam sandals after. 

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Jac&Jam .....New Beginnings.

Yep, it has been a year since I’ve posted a blog, I was busy with my new business partner preparing our business plan for our new footwear factory: Amici Footwear Industries. It took us three months to finalize everything, but it only took me a few minutes to convince Cha to join me so we can create shoes that we both will love. She only said yes without fully realizing what that yes entails & that was for the best :)

Setting up a footwear factory is not an easy business to dive into. My first try didn’t went well & so heartbreaking, so this is my second, much smaller than the first one, but well-thought of, well-planned. We started producing & supplying low wedge sandals around November last year for local brands & so far we’re good. We didn’t import workers from Marikina, instead we got apprentices with zero knowledge on footwear making & trained them the basics. At the same time helping in our own small way our community in Cainta Green Park.

I am thankful for my long time friend who has become the wind beneath my wings :), who allowed me to  realize my visions as well as my shoe obsessions.

Jumar, our Professional Footwear Pattern Maker, trained by Mr. Noel Box has agreed to join our small team.

For now, we’ve only launched our low end brand  I’ve called Jac&Jam, after two little girls who calls me “Ninang” J.

Everything is casual, yet sexy & chic. I categorize it as our low end brand because our price points is not expensive, but our materials are all standard so is the fit. We’ve made sure that it is also comfy, with good quality. So far, all the feedbacks from our clients are extremely good. They are all   #HappyJacnJamClients.